Beyond Doorways

A Collection of Horror Short Stories

Beyond Doorways is a collection of five separate horror short stories. Each tells a tale of monsters, whether they are those found hiding in closets, behind the eyes of an innocent, beyond a locked door, or in the chime of a clock. 

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Dead Man's Dog

A Roger Lamb Case File

Roger Lamb is a private detective in the city of Spectre, NY and he's only just coming to terms with the knowledge that the "paranormal" is real. When a friend of his is murdered by a creature that can't be human, that very well might be a monster from his nightmares, he finds himself working alongside Officer Berkley to solve the case. Trouble arises when, not knowing what the creature is, Roger and Berkley run afoul of the beast and Berkley disappears, leaving Roger alone to face a creature he has no defense against and knows nothing about. The beast's targets are clear and they need to be protected. And it looks like Roger just joined that list. 

This is a reprint of the original story which first appeared in Beyond Doorways, now revised and edited. 

De Facto Dead

A Roger Lamb Case File

Private Detective Roger Lamb is helping Officer Alexis Berkley to solve a triple homicide in the city park of Spectre, NY, but their leads are taking them in different directions. When Berkley goes off on his own, Roger is brought in to work with Officer Louise Durant to follow a lead. It carries them right to the mouth of a monster, which is just Roger's luck. 

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Spectre Files

Volume One Roger Lamb Case File Collection

There are two sides to the world. The one you know and the one tucked beneath that, like an after-image, hidden until you're ready to look at it and see the truth. A world filled with wonderful things, like magic and faeries, and terrible things, like ghosts, werewolves, and vampires. 

Roger Lamb is a private detective who lived his whole life in the normal world, until he moved to Spectre, New York and was thrown head-first into the truth of the paranormal. Now he's struggling to come to terms with a world filled with monsters, working with a police officer who isn't human, and still trying to help people. Never mind that every case he gets has him being chased by something nasty with lots of teeth. 

Spectre might be the most interesting place he's ever lived, but if he's not careful, it might also be where he dies. 


Book One of the DeathSpeaker Trilogy

Two hundred years after a nuclear war nearly wipes out humanity, Earth is a desolate wasteland in which people are struggling to survive. Ricker is an assassin who wanders the world, not daring to call any place home. He seeks penance for past deeds as he hunts DeathSpeakers - humans mutated by radiation and the interminable Dark Plague, able to kill a hundred men just by speaking a single word. 

Mortimer is a DeathSpeaker. Born with his mouth sewn shut with unbreakable wires that will unseal his lips upon the arrival of his tenth year, he has been kidnapped from the only home he has ever known. Dragged across the wasteland of the world to destinations unknown by the servants of Master, a puppeteer hiding always in the shadows, his singular attempt at escape thrusts him into the arms of Ricker. 

When a jewel rumored to grant any one wish ends up in the hands of the illusive Master, Ricker and Mortimer are forced to work together to escape, but there is too much they don't know, and this is only the beginning.