Casey Fry, Author
Casey Fry, Author
Turn the Page to a New World

Casey Fry

Author of Paranormal, Fantasy and Horror


Her Story...

A lover of mythology, Casey Fry is an author of fantasy and horror who incorporates her knowledge of mythology and love of psychology into her work. Inspired by writers such as Louisa Mae Alcott and JRR Tolkien, the worlds she creates are vast and the characters varied. 

Growing up in Pennsylvania, Casey graduated from Bloomsburg University in 2011 with her Bachelor's Degree in Creative Writing, and published her debut novel, Hunt, the following year. 

Moving to Texas in 2017, Casey currently works at the University of Texas and writes in her spare time. She is working on books in both the Roger Lamb Case Files and the DeathSpeaker Trilogy, and looks forward to introducing still more books in the future. 

Come open a book and turn the page to a new world. 


Raving Fans...

I don’t typically write reviews but this story deserves a review. This is my first encounter with Casey Fry and her lead character, Roger Lamb. Although I don’t typically read this genre, I wanted to give it a try. Imagine my surprise to find out not only did I enjoy it, but I found myself drawn in and wanting more of Roger Lamb and his story. Casey has mastered the art of drawing her reader into the story and leaving them wanting more.
At the onset, you find Roger at the scene of a crime. Since the victim is a friend, you want him to find and punish the creature who did this; on the other hand, you want him to avoid the creature who can do the same thing to him. Then you are taken on a ride of the roller coaster of emotions throughout the pages of this short thriller. As is typical of a roller coaster, when you reach the end, you sit there wanting more.

If you buy this book, you will be drawn into the story line, you will find yourself feeling the emotions he tries to hide and most importantly, you will find yourself wanting more. Enjoy!
— Anonymous (Dead Man's Dog)

This is not typically my type of genre, however; Ms. Fry’s writing capabilities are astounding! I was quickly drawn into the characters and the story, and I am eagerly looking forward to more of Roger Lamb!
— K. Braun (Dead Man's Dog)

I may be a bit biased but I couldn’t stop reading. Each page brings new questions and thoughts racing through the reader’s head. The characters have realistic personalities and depth that is hard to find in most stories. Emotional investment in this book is high but it’s worth it. The plot is interesting, the the world diverse and fairly complete and it was well-paced. All in all, it is an excellent first book from Casey Fry! If you like post apocalyptic novels, this is for you; the world is, as previously stated, diverse and complete and a unique idea. If you like shady characters that pull on your heartstrings...this is for you. If you enjoy elements of mystery and action and general depth of a story, character, etc...this is for you. It is a bit dark at times but it is very well done.
— C. Haire (Hunt - DeathSpeaker Trilogy)